Trademark Protection

We understand that protecting brands in the Internet Age requires comprehensive solutions that necessitate watching newly filed trademark applications and activities in the Internet Domain name field. We have access to all mayor international trademark databases and all major internet zone files. We also compile and closely monitor zone file data in areas where registries do no grant anybody access to their data.

Domain Name Registration

We provide worldwide domain name registration services and management solutions to help in protecting brands online.

We offer services for hundreds of domain extensions and internationalized domain names. This includes worldwide registrations, special Sunrise services for newly introduced top-level domain launches, local presence (trustee services) renewal managing, updates and transfers, as well as monitoring solutions.

Domain Name Monitoring

In protecting your Intellectual Property it is crucial to closely monitor how your brand is represented on the internet, so you are able to take the appropriate action once necessary.

Our Domain Name Monitoring service keeps you informed of any domain name registrations that are similar to your brand, allowing you to detect possible infringements and prevent damage to your brand.

Additionally, we have special expertise in backordering services to acquire domain names once they lapse. If you lack the appropriate rights to acquire the desired name through legal proceedings or you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on acquiring it, this may be an alternative.

Domain Name Acquisition

Acquiring a desired domain name from a competitor, cybersquatter or other third party can be a costly process. Our market knowledge and experience in negotiations enable us to purchase your required domain name at the lowest possible price. Keeping your details in anonymity protects your interests and helps lower the cost of the acquisition. We take care of all aspects of your domain name acquisition, including negotiations and escrow services. We have experience negotiating with third parties worldwide.

Domain Privacy and Trustee Services

Many ccTLD (country-code Top Level Domain) registries have different requirements, some require a local incorporated company with documentary proof, others require a verified local (postal) address and some need a local administrative contact. If you do not meet the requirements to register your desired domains in some countries, you can use our Trustee Services. This service enables you to protect your brands in certain countries before you have a local presence.

All details associated with a domain name are publicly accessible through a WHOIS service in most countries. If you do not wish ownership of a domain be published in the WHOIS you can use our privacy service to provide protection of your identity. This makes especially sense if you acquire domains for future use or start acquiring a number of domains for a new trademark in various countries.